Web2 and Web3

“Web2” is the term used to describe the current iteration of the internet, an internet dominated by big corporations that exchange your personal information for services. On the other hand, the term "Web3" refers to decentralized programs that operate on blockchain networks, or decentralized applications. The ideas behind SSI and Web3 share the vision of a decentralized ecosystem in the digital space, their approaches embrace decentralization in identifying entities and put power in the hands of individuals rather than corporations.
On the other hand, interoperability between systems and standards is at the heart of applying an identity model in solving real-life problems. Keeping that in mind, Ziden provides solutions working seamlessly across Web2 and Web3 systems by supporting integration with multiple blockchain networks.
This helps us bring abstraction and transparency into every workflow and keep the user experience consistent while businesses can flexibly deploy and serve their services on different platforms with ease.