Holder Portal

The Holder Portal provides all the tools end-users (Holders) need to manage their identity claims and prove who they are. This portal includes two main features: Identity Management, Identity Presentation & Verification.

Through the Holder Portal, users can request their identity claims from an Issuer by submitting a form, performing eKYC, or finishing a customized workflow.

After that, the issued claims will be encrypted and stored in the user’s requesting device as their possession. As a result, users can view their claims and select which information they want to share, when, and to whom they share it. In addition, Ziden allows users to share retrieved claims between personal devices through a client encryption backup service, which increases accessibility and data availability without sacrificing users’ ownership rights

One of the key features of the Holder Portal is that a user can attest to any derived knowledge from their issued claims’ data. This process includes the presentation and verification of zero-knowledge proofs that allow users to prove their identity without disclosing private data.

More specifically, if users (Holders) want to access a website's permission services with an age restriction, country filtering, or links requiring social accounts, they need to check for the requirement and generate the related proofs from their devices. Then they will present these proofs to the verifying party (the Verifier), the website's owner. In this case, Zero-knowledge techniques allow the Verifier to check if the proof is valid according to their requirements without having access to the raw data.

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