Verifier Portal

This portal is where Verifiers manage the integration of their services.

Similar to the Issuer Portal, the Verifier Portal’s mission is to provide Verifiers with as much customization on their services as possible. They can register and manage verification services based on different sets of requirements and the available schemas issued by their trusted providers. Our zero-knowledge proof systems allow the verification of users' proof from the Verifier side without knowing the raw data, and we currently support multiple features: matching values, range check, proof of membership & non-membership. The registration process is straightforward to increase the level of convenience in terms of user experience.

In addition, for Issuer & Verifier Portal, we provide organizations with a simple access management process with two basic roles: Admin & Operator. While the Admin has absolute control over the system, the Operator can perform actions with limited privileges to support the Admin. For Issuers, the Operator can create pending requests to issue new identity claims and revoke or update them, but only the Admin can finalize these actions. It’s the same for features in the Verifier Portal.

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