Register as an Issuer

Although anyone can become an Issuer in our Decentralized Identity solution, only registered Issuers can be found by the public through our Identity Platform.

Create operators with roles

We utilize ZKP to enable passwordless authentication and authorization for the Issuers. By default, there are 2 roles: Admin & Operators.

Each Issuer has one unique Admin and multiple Operators, and the Admin will have the supreme privilege with on-chain actions. The Admin user can manage the list of users granted with Operator role.

Our ZKP auth solution is implemented to support any arbitrary set of roles. If you are interested in a customized integration, feel free contact us for further discussion.

Edit Issuer information

The metadata of an Issuer (name, logo, description, etc.) can be updated.

Create new Schemas/Register existing Schemas

Schemas are structured data in JSON format, they are used to specified data included in Identity Claims. They can be seen as document standards, i.e. identity documents, certificates, scores, etc. They help entities in the ecosystem easily resolve the claims.

The Issuers can prepare their own Schemas for the claims they want to issue, or they utilize existing Schemas in the ecosystem for their use cases.

To create a new Schema, visit this repository for further instruction.

Each schema registry is dedicated to a single blockchain network, therefore, the Issuer need to select from our supported networks list for issuing claims.

Then, they need to specify some addition data, i.e. expiration period, description, etc. for the schema before submitting the registration.

A registered schema can not be deleted to avoid corruption of issued claims. Instead, the Issuer can activate/deactivate schemas to indicate which schemas are currently supported.

Issue/Publish/Revoke Claims

The Issuer can issuer a single claim or a batch of multiple claims, newly created claims will have the "Pending" status, which mean that they are ready to be published to the blockchain networks.

While the claims can be created by Operators, only the Admin user can publish claims to the blockchain.

Published claims can be revoked if they need to be deprecated. Revoked or expired claims can not be used to generate a valid ZK attestation.

Issuance history

The history of issuing, publishing, and revoking can be easily traced as it was recored in the blockchain.


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