Register as a Verifier

Although anyone can become an Issuer in our Decentralized Identity solution, only registered Verifiers can be found by the public through our Identity Platform.

Edit Verifier information

The metadata of an Verifier (name, logo, description, etc.) can be updated.

Create operators with roles

We utilize ZKP to enable passwordless authentication and authorization for the Verifiers. By default, there are 2 roles: Admin & Operators.

Each Verifiers has one unique Admin and multiple Operators, and the Admin will have the supreme privilege with on-chain actions. The Admin user can manage the list of users granted with Operator role.

Create/Manage Services

Each Service consists of a set of requirements so that the Verifier can utilize them for their authentication/authorization process. The Holders will generate ZK attestation based on these requirements in order to be granted access for the service.

A registered service can not be deleted. Instead, the Verifier can activate/deactivate services to indicate which services are currently supported.


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