Self-Sovereign Identity

Abbreviation: SSI

The next step in the evolution of identity models, focusing on protecting user's ownership over their identity and personal data

Zero-knowledge Proof

Abbreviation: ZK or ZKP

A cryptography technique to allow a prover to persuade a verfier that a statement is true while hiding sensitive information

Identity Provider

Any individuals and organizations who have the authority or ability make claims about other identities, for example, eKYC, digital certificate issuance, credit score, etc.

Service Provider

Any services that want to require their users to meet some criteria to access.


A key player in SSI solutions, they are end-users who need to control their identity to prove who they are on the digital space


A key player in SSI solutions, they are trusted identity providers who make claims about other users


A key player in SSI solutions, they are service providers who need to verify users' identity


Representation of a Holder's properties, issued by Issuers, and is used for attestation.


The action of providing proof of identity to prove that a Holder meet the requirements from Verifiers.

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