Issuer Portal

To help the Issuers manage the claims and the issuance of digital documents across different blockchain networks, Ziden introduced the Issuer Portal. With the main features covering document standardization and management activities (issue, revoke, update, etc.), this portal will simplify the operation for both individuals and organizations as Identity Providers.

The Issuer Portal allows Identity Providers to select between using existing standards and creating their own standards for digital documents, certificates, credentials, etc. These standards are called “Schema”, which is structured data in JSON format, and they help entities in the ecosystem to easily resolve the claims. Holders who want to receive an identity claim need to provide all required data in the corresponding for its schema.

For example, international passports can be structured and represented by a schema, and Issuers will generate claims about users’ passports based on this data structure. Individuals and organizations can register which schema they want to issue on the Holder Portal or present them to users on a separate application.

Another feature we provide is the compatibility of our products with Web3 systems, which are mainly based on blockchain networks with smart contracts. The Issuer Portal helps our customers gain absolute control over the claim publishing processes, including claims issuance, revocation, and update. Operators can publish claims on a specific blockchain, revoke the claims or update the data. The portal also allows tracing activity history.

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