Identity Platform

The Identity Platform is a web application with portals for all three actors in the ecosystem, Holder Portal, Issuer Portal, and Verifier Portal. The platform supports users’ interaction with each other on top of Ziden’s SSI solutions and covers all basic workflows.

Holder Portal

For the Holder Portal, users can request identity claims from Issuers by submitting a form, performing eKYC, or finishing a customized workflow. The issued claims will be encrypted and stored on the user's devices, ensuring their data's ownership. In addition, Ziden provides a backup service that implements client encryption to increase accessibility and data availability without sacrificing users’ ownership rights. By possessing personal data, users can select which information they want to share, when, and to whom they share it based on the information required by services listed on the Platform. And as mentioned before, zero-knowledge technology helps Ziden deliver features enhancing user privacy while maintaining a seamless experience.

Issuer Portal

Next, the Issuer Portal is an application to support issuing digital document processes, such as issuance, revocation, update, and renewal, with a straightforward UI. Issuers’ actions can be recorded on blockchain networks as making claims about other identities for the later verification stage. Especially, all interactions with blockchain are abstract and transparent from the customer’s perspective, so Issuers can easily manage documents across multiple networks without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. They can also create a new schema and contexts for customized standards and documents or reuse existing schemas provided by other providers.

Verifier Portal

Finally, the Verifier Portal is for service providers to register and manage the requirements for their services. Verifiers can freely choose which documents they allow, which issuers they trust, and which information users need to share. For example, they can specify the age restriction or residency filters for a permission service, and then users will see the criteria on the Platform to generate attestation proof. Moreover, the integration process into other applications should be simple and direct, whether a traditional web app or dApp.

Alright, now let's take at look the official Identity Platform!

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